-Meet your Massage Therapist -

The Bio


Hello! My name is Amber and I am your Local Registered Massage Therapist! I am a Wife, a Mom of two beautiful children, and the Owner Operator of this small business in the beautiful city of Red Deer Alberta. Wearing all of these hats hasn't come without challenges, but it's all been SO worth it! I completed my Massage Therapy training in Red Deer and have been eagerly serving this amazing community for the last 10 years.  

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The Purpose


The goal of my career has always been to "help people". I wasn't sure what exactly that looked like until I took my Massage Training. Instant and incredible results, I was immediately hooked. This is it! As I grew into the therapist I am today, there have been adaptations to my techniques and my RMT "tool box". Adding Hot Stones and Cupping as, well, an extension of my hands has been brilliant and I offer these skills to you with no extra fees; you'll get the best of my education EVERY session.

Some exciting news for the future: there are some plans to add Fitness and Nutrition related certifications. Looking after you all, from the Inside and Out!