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Swedish Deep Tissue

A variety of hands on techniques used to loosen muscle adhesions. Trigger point therapy, compression, muscle stripping etc are all used with varying degrees of pressure. Always to your comfort level.

Zen Stones

Therapeutic Hot Stones

Basalt Stones when combined with the swedish techniques are a perfect addition to most sessions; The heat sinks deep into all the muscle layers. If you're not a fan of deep tissue muscle work, then these are great for relaxation all on their own!


Dynamic Cupping

Cupping incorporates a myofascial element to your treatment. Using negative pressure and gliding movements this tool can increase flexibility and decrease pain. The cups (and other tools) become an "extension" of the therapists hands.


Typically, all "tools" are available for every session. However, due to covid, some extra precautions have required some changes - please bear with us as we get through this challenging time! Your health and safety is a priority to us.


Don't Forget!

We can direct bill to most major insurance companies or issue you a receipt.